The Doctors in Italy Fellowship Program allows you to shadow doctors in Italy during the summer break, winter break, or spring break. The program is offered in different formats, and it can last 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks or 5 weeks. It includes:

  • 40 to 90 hours of 1:1 or 2:1 shadowing in clinical setting
  • ethical medical and surgical shadowing, compliant with AAMC
  • shadowing specialists in at least 4 different areas of medicine
  • academic credit through John Cabot University (3 SCH, only for 5-week programs)
  • a minimum of 3 group activities per week

Featured hospitals and cities

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital – Rome

Campus Bio-medico University Hospital is a privately owned University, Research Centre and Hospital. It is one of the few to have achieved the prestigious JCI Accreditation, the gold standard for quality evaluation of hospitals. It has more than 20 areas of medical and surgical specialization, including cardiology, general surgery, neurology, orthopedics, geriatric medicine and oncology. It stands out for the clean and elegant design of its building, and a selection of doctors who actively engage in cutting-edge research.

Rome is a large multicultural city, deeply rooted in ancient civilization and bearing testimonial of its thousands of years of history. Walking around the streets and monuments is breathtaking and it’s impossible to forget its stunning beauty.

San Giuseppe Hospital – Milan

Located in the centre of Milan, the San Giuseppe Hospital was founded in 1874. Nowadays it is a university centre affiliated to the University of Milan organized into three departments: clinical, surgical and maternal/infant. The San Giuseppe Hospital is also distinguished by its vocation for emergency medicine: it is also a centre of excellence and a reference point of urgency for hand surgery and runs a Stroke Center for the timely treatment of brain ischemia.

Milan is a modern European city, famous for its fashion district, design, and its elegance. It is known to be very international and a favorite destination for students and young professionals from all over the world.

Shadow physicians in Milan
milano study abroad

Galliera Hospital – Genoa

This historical hospital complex was built in 1877 in the heart of Genova, a few blocks from the sea, thanks to the kindness of the Duchess of Galliera.

With a capacity of 450 beds, the Galliera hospitals provide advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative excellence, scientific research, training, and technological innovation, within its Coronary Intensive Care Unit, Post-Operative Intensive Therapy, Stroke Centre, Acute-care hospitalization (medical and surgical), Fragile Patients Area, and the Nursing Care Area with 15 beds.

Genoa is a maritime city, blending the beauty of its architecture and history with lavish parks and the blue sights of the Mediterranean sea. Everything is within walking distance and with a short train ride, one can reach such gems as the Cinque Terre and Portofino.

galliera (1)
Shadow abroad Genova Italy

What is included in the program fees

The stress-free all inclusive package will leave you nothing to worry about. Just get your plane tickets and bring some pocket money for food and shopping, we'll take care of everything else.

Hospital shadowing
Experience daily life in top Hospitals, following world class doctors with international training for 20+ hours a week.
Central accommodation
Beautiful and clean double rooms in shared apartments, hotels, and dorms, all in a central and safe location will make you feel at home. Single room available upon request.
at least 4 rotations
Shadow doctors from different areas and discover your passions, together with friends from all over the world
Insurance and medical assistance
A full coverage, no-hassle insurance plan is included. If you need to see a doctor, you'll have access to a team of excellent English-speaking physicians.
Discover Italy
Enjoy the views and beauty of Italian streets and sunsets, with the guidance of our expert local staff on site and 3 weekly activities..
24/7 on-site local staff support
You and your family will have 24/7 access to our on-site coordinators to help you adjust and make the most of the experience. You'll never feel lost!
Explore Italy
All programs include at least one day-trip out of Rome, Genoa, or Milan. Free weekends will allow you to see even more with your new friends.
Airport pick-up and orientation
No stress upon arrival, we'll pick you up and show you around. Enjoy your stay and make yourself at home from day one!

Program options and tuition fees

Invest in your future by joining one of the Doctors in Italy Fellowship Programs. Choose the duration and type that best fit your academic aspirations, your budget, and your plans for the summer. See available Scholarships.

Rome Programs

2-week program
I term May 9 – May 21 (full)
II term June 20 – July 2 (full)
III term August 1 – August 13
cost: €3250 (3600$)

3-week program:
I term May 30 – June 18 (full)
II term July 18 – August 6
cost: €4200 (4700$)

5-week program:
I term May 18 – June 25 (full)
II term June 30 – Aug 6 (full)
cost: €6890 (7700$)

Milan Programs

2-week program:
I term May 16 – May 28
II term June 13 – June 25
cost: €3750 (4200$)

3-week program:
I term May 23 – June 11
II term July 18 – August 6
cost: €4790 (5300$)

4-week program:
June 27 – July 23
cost: €5980 (6700$)

Genoa Programs

2-week program:
I term May 16 – May 28
II term June 20 – July 2
III term July 25 – August 6
cost: €3750 (4200$)

3-week program:
I term May 30 – June 18
II term July 4 – July 23
III term July 25 – August 13
cost: €4790 (5300$)

A day as a Fellow

Here's a bit of what you can expect from a typical day of shadowing doctors in Italy as a Fellow.

Maura shadows an operation

Shadow at the hospital in the morning

Start your day with some intensive shadowing. You’ll get to the hospital at about 8:30 a.m. and meet with the coordinator of the ward you are shadowing that day. You will then be assigned to a doctor, alone or with a shadowing buddy, and you’ll follow the doctor for the rest of the day. This may lead you to discover conditions you didn’t know about, observe the creation of the patient-doctor bond, assist in a procedure in the O.R., gain a better knowledge of human physiology, discover interesting research topics, and certainly get to know better the specialty and the doctor you are shadowing.

Explore Rome, Genoa, or Milan in the afternoon

Did you know that Rome’s historic centre contains more than 25,000 environmental and archaeological points of interest? Or that Milan is the second largest city in Italy and one of the Fashion capital in the world? Discover the beauty of Rome, Genoa, and Milan with your new friends, lose your way while walking around the cobblestone streets, then find it again as you follow the riverbanks of the Tiber, all the way to the Vatican or you wander around the fashion district in Milan, or you stroll along the beach in Genoa. Choose a new area to explore every day, and you won’t cease to be amazed – the three cities have many districts and each one of them is worth visiting.

Gettysburg College premed at the Roman Forum
Group of study abroad premed students in Rome Italy

Dine out with friends in the evening

Although your apartment is equipped for cooking and eating at home, you are likely to find yourself wanting to go out and eat at one of the many delicious restaurants. Enjoy original Italian food, most of its delicacies are quite healthy as well. After a long day, you deserve to treat yourself with a big plate of your favorite pasta. There are also many inexpensive options for eating out, your on-site coordinator is a local and will help you find the best places off the beaten path.