The Doctors in Italy Fellowship Program allows you to shadow doctors in Italy during the summer break, winter break, or spring break. The program is offered with three different formats, and it can last 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 5 weeks. It includes:

  • 40 to 90 hours of 1:1 or 2:1 shadowing with English-speaking doctors
  • ethical medical and surgical shadowing, compliant with AAMC
  • shadowing specialists in at least 5 different areas of medicine
  • academic credit through John Cabot University (3 SCH)
  • a minimum of 3 group activities per week

A day as a Fellow

Here's a bit of what you can expect from a typical day of shadowing doctors in Italy as a Fellow.

Maura shadows an operation

Shadow at the hospital in the morning

Start your day with some intensive shadowing. You’ll get to the hospital at about 8:30 a.m. and meet with the coordinator of the ward you are shadowing that day. You will then be assigned to a doctor, alone or with a shadowing buddy, and you’ll follow the doctor for the rest of the day. This may lead you to discover conditions you didn’t know about, observe the creation of the patient-doctor bond, assist in a procedure in the O.R., gain a better knowledge of human physiology, discover interesting research topics, and certainly get to know better the specialty and the doctor you are shadowing.

Explore Rome in the afternoon

Did you know that Rome’s historic centre contains more than 25,000 environmental and archaeological points of interest? Discover the beauty of Rome with your new friends, lose your way while walking around the cobblestone streets, then find it again as you follow the riverbanks of the Tiber, all the way to the Vatican. Choose a new area to explore every day, and you won’t cease to be amazed – the heart of the Eternal City has 22 districts and each one of them is worth visiting. If you have joined the 5 week program combined with the John Cabot University Class for credit, part of your exploring will be guided by a Professor from the University.

Gettysburg College premed at the Roman Forum
Group of study abroad premed students in Rome Italy

Dine out with friends in the evening

Although your apartment is equipped for cooking and eating at home, you are likely to find yourself wanting to go out and eat at one of the many delicious restaurants. Enjoy original Italian food, most of its delicacies are quite healthy as well. After a long day, you deserve to treat yourself with a big plate of your favorite pasta. There are also many inexpensive options for eating out, your on-site coordinator is a local and will help you find the best places off the beaten path.

What is covered by the tuition

The stress-free all inclusive package will leave you nothing to worry about. Just get your plane tickets and bring some pocket money for food and shopping, we'll take care of everything else.

Hospital shadowing
Experience daily life in a University Hospital, following top doctors with international training for 20+ hours a week.
Central accomodation
Beautiful and clean double rooms in shared apartments and dorms, all in a central and safe location will make you feel at home. Single room available upon request.
International Clinic
Shadow doctors at a trusted IAMAT clinic providing premium medical services to Embassies, UN Agencies, and travelers.
Insurance and medical assistance
A full coverage, no-hassle insurance plan is included. If you need to see a doctor, you'll have access to a team of excellent English-speaking physicians.
Discover Rome
Enjoy the views and beauty of Roman streets and sunsets, with the guidance of our expert local staff on site and 3 weekly activities..
24/7 on-site local staff support
You and your family will have 24/7 access to our on-site coordinators to help you adjust and make the most of the experience. You'll never feel lost!
Explore Italy
All programs include at least one day-trip out of Rome. Free weekends will allow you to see even more with your new friends.
Airport pick-up and orientation
No stress upon arrival, we'll pick you up and show you around. Enjoy your stay and make yourself at home from day one!

Program options and tuition fees

Invest in your future by joining one of the Doctors in Italy Fellowship Programs. Choose the duration and type that best fit your academic aspirations, your budget and your plans for the summer. See available Scholarships.

2 weeks

2 Week Shadowing Program

2850/ ≈ $3,300
  • 40+ hours of shadowing
  • Small groups and individual shadowing
  • 1 out of Rome trip

3 weeks

3 Week Shadowing Program

3990/ ≈ $4,700
  • 60+ hours of shadowing
  • observe more, learn more
  • 2 out of Rome trips
5990/ ≈ $7,100
  • 80+ hours of shadowing
  • Discover Rome through a class at JCU
  • Earn academic credit - 3 SCH

Featured hospitals and clinics

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital

Campus Bio-medico University Hospital is a privately owned University, Research Centre and Hospital. It is one of the few to have achieved the prestigious JCI Accreditation, the gold standard for quality evaluation of hospitals. It has more than 20 areas of medical and surgical specialization, including cardiology, general surgery, neurology, orthopedics, geriatric medicine and oncology. It stands out for the clean and elegant design of its building, and a selection of doctors who actively engage in cutting edge research.

Agostino Gemelli University Hospital

With 1600 beds, Policlinico Gemelli is the second largest hospital in Italy. It is affiliated to the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and known as a centre of excellence in many medical and surgical areas, such as oncological radiotherapy, treatment of neuromuscular diseases, transplants, endocrinology and metabolic diseases. Being a large general hospital, it covers a vast number of specialties, including emergency medicine. Doctors who work in this hospital are selected with a very rigorous process and must constantly update their knowledge and skills to keep their position.