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Travel and prepare for your future career in healthcare

The Doctors in Italy Fellowship Program was created to introduce students to the practice of healthcare in an international environment, as early as possible in their academic career.


In a world that is increasingly borderless, the next generation of young leaders in healthcare will need to build cooperation and trust across different cultures and backgrounds.


The Doctors in Italy Fellowship Program enables undergraduate and graduate students to shadow healthcare professionals, in top-ranked government and private healthcare facilities across Italy.


A transformative experience for future leaders in healthcare

Become confident in your passion and prove to yourself that you’re able to do what you need to do to reach your goals.


In the spotlight

Get to know the Doctors in Italy Fellowship Alumni

Gianni Martin Future Veterinarian From Alabama A&M Shadowed Veterinarians in Milan, Italy

Gianni Martin

Alabama A&M University

"I learned about veterinary medicine, covering animal nutrition, behavior, clinical skills, and caretaking in sanctuaries and clinics."

Bryce Allen

Morehead State University

"My program provided a very realistic and varied experience of what a career in medicine looks like"

Haley Boom Future Doctor from University at Albany Shadowed Doctors in Bologna, Italy

Haley Boom

University at Albany

"Doctors explained the Italian healthcare system and were curious about the American one"


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Some of the best hospitals in Italy

Gain unforgettable experience at internationally renowned medical centers open to international students


Shadow Abroad and Make Your Credits Count

The 4 and 5 week programs for credit offer you a chance to combine your shadowing experience with a seminar course with Arcadia University. Gain insight into your individual, unique psychometric profile and intercultural competence – a valuable outcome for navigating your professional progress, networks, and personal growth in the future.


Financial support and scholarships

International education comes at a cost. Discover how our scholarships can help you afford this life-changing experience.