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The Doctors in Italy Fellowship Program is a physician-led medical internship experience open to pre-med students from all over the World. Explore the possibilities of your career in healthcare and experience the Italy-based study abroad opportunity you’ve been dreaming of. A team of outstanding English-speaking physicians, passionate about their work, will help you understand what it means to be a doctor, while you also explore the beauty of Rome and immerse yourself in Italian culture.

Shadow all specialties
Through daily rotations at the hospital, you'll get the chance to observe the work of surgeons and doctors in orthopedics, pediatrics, ob-gyn, dermatology, cardiology, general surgery, vascular surgery, oncology, and many other areas, all in compliance with AAMC guidelines.
Discover Rome and Italy
When you're done with shadowing for the day, step out for a tour around one of the most fascinating European capitals. Central housing allows you to make the most of your time, enjoying walks, making friends and discovering a different culture.
Gain confidence for your graduate school application
Engage in a deep dive in medicine, explore a different health care system, build connections with accomplished doctors in the fields you are passionate about. Give yourself a chance to test and discover your passion for a career in medicine.
No Language Barriers!
Learn and participate with confidence! All our doctors are certified English-speakers, so you won't face any language barrier while shadowing with us. This is a unique opportunity within a country where English is not the first language.

What to expect

A medical shadowing program that will boost your chances to be accepted in the best Medical Schools.
A unique international experience that will enrich you as a person, making memories that will last a lifetime.
A chance to experience a different healthcare model, and to prove to yourself that you really want to be a doctor.

Meet fellow pre-med students

You will share the experience with pre-med students from other American Universities, building friendships that last a lifetime.

Our past years Fellows are students from Cornell UniversityGettysburg CollegeIthaca College, Knox College, Saint Mary’s College, St. John Fisher College, College of the Holy Cross, University of Tennessee, Southeastern University, Tennessee Technological University, and University of Maryland.

What our fellows are saying about the program



University of Maryland

I observed hepatologists making rounds for patients that were suffering from liver failure. Many had big bellies due to ascites and edema. Seeing these patients led me to the feeling that I really want to be helping patients that are facing extreme, life-threatening conditions. In my personal statements I talked about this a lot and it has been tremendously helpful. If you are applying to medical school it helps if you can make yourself unique and not many pre-meds are looking into having this experience shadowing abroad so it can really help, especially in the interviews. Since I came back from Italy, I’ve been doing so well in my classes too. I feel so motivated!

Doctors in Italy fellow Taliah at the Vatican Museums


Knox College

I was able to assist on the draining of a cyst, which was really cool, and also on a biopsy. Shadowing at the hospital was amazing. I’m pretty set on becoming an orthopedic so I got to shadow the top orthopedic surgeon. I saw 4 hip replacements, some knee replacements, a torn ligament in the shoulder and I was right behind him so I got to really see everything. I didn’t know what to expect as the program was brand new, but I jumped into it. Our apartment was super clean and central, the day trips were amazing and everything is so beautiful. I mean, when do you get to see a hip replacement and a knee replacement every day, seeing all the metal parts and the bones and ligaments and all.

Doctors in Italy fellow Max after shadowing doctors in Rome


Cornell University

We got to shadow at a very big University hospital, very up to date technologically. I got to shadow an abdominal surgery where the liver was being removed, it was impressive. What can I say, I love Rome, and medicine is so interesting. I had a great time! We met people from all over the world, watched world championship soccer games with fans from the country of the team while eating great food, learned how to make pasta, which was really amazing as well, especially for me as I’m a terrible cook. I got to see a lot at the hospital and discover more about medicine and surgery. Now I know I want to do more of it, it’s definitely something I love.

Study abroad student and Doctors in Italy fellow


Tennessee Tech

It was honestly the experience of a lifetime. I got to shadow a cardiologist, dermatologist, an OB-GYN, endocrinologist, and so many other doctors. The doctors were very kind and would always explain to us what was going on. After shadowing we would go and tour some amazing place like the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon. I would honestly recommend this experience to ANYONE because who doesn’t want to shadow doctors in Rome and learn from them? Additionally it helped me narrow down what field I want to go into, cause I knew I wanted to do medicine but I didn’t know what it took to be in each field. It was just an amazing experience and I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Why shadow

At the end of the day - young med student with doctor in rome
Knox college prehealth study abroad student while shadowing surgery in Rome
Peter ready to shadow

Every pre-med has a story, what is yours?

Gain experience, test your committment, discover areas of medicine you had never heard of, be fascinated by the work of competent doctors, log everything and then discuss it with fellow shadowing students. Add pages to your personal story.

Develop skills that no classroom can match

Learn from experience by gaining exposure to a wide variety of specialties. Develop empathy and cross cultural competence through mindful observation. Learn the importance of observing and listening, rather than assuming, and overcome the instinc of stereotyping. Become a better healthcare professional, and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Create a compelling narrative and earn admission to top medical schools

Admission to Medical School is becoming ever more competitive and selecting committees are looking for someone who has done more than just taking all the mandatory science courses. What makes the difference is often having gone the extra mile, with deep-dives where you engage in learning with passion. Being able to support your statements with personal accounts will make a big difference.

Increase your academic focus and research opportunities

Clinical experience is such an important part of your pre-med training, and not only for medical school admission. It’s an occasion to build the foundations of your future as a physician and explore fields you are drawn to. Shadow multiple doctors, learn about their stories, build your  network and create opportunities for learning and research.

Why Rome

Discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world

The mesmerizing beauty of Rome at sunset would be reason enough to hop on a plane today. Add to the equation that you’ll have the time to see from within, not on a short trip as a tourist. You’ll have the expert guidance of local staff and a chance to feel at home.

Immerse yourself in ancient history

With its deep roots that date back to the cradle of Western civilization, the Roman Empire has left enough of its ancient structures for us to feel the connection with the fathers of our modern culture, law, politics, religion, society. Even if archaeology is not in your major, you can’t help but stand in awe in front of this heritage.

Interact with the world beyond your borders

Experience life in a European Capital, observe the differences and similarities with what you are used to. Meet people from all over the world, discover local customs, and discover yourself and your own heritage in the process. You’ll come out of this experience with a deeper understanding of your values and an open mind, seeking for more opportunities for personal growth.

Get out of your comfort zone, make memories, make friends

This dive in Roman culture with new friends sharing a common goal is guaranteed to make memories that last a lifetime. Social life in Rome will take you outdoors, on rooftops and gardens in warm summer nights. It will feed you with food that you’ve never dreamt of. It will make you walk like you’ve never walked before – just to see that other spot that ended up being your favorite. It will make you laugh and sleep like a baby at the end of yet another unforgettable day.

Doctors in Italy fellows visit the Vatican Museums
cheers to us
Doctors in Italy fellowship program free time in Rome

Proudly Partners and members of

A picture can tell a thousand words. See what our previous students have been up to...

Who we are

Doctors in Italy is an Association of English-speaking doctors working across Italy and promoting universal access to medical assistance without language barriers. Our flagship outpatient clinic in Rome is an established multidisciplinary trusted IAMAT Center, authorized by the local health authority in 1986 and providing medical assistance to local Embassies and Global Institutions. 
Doctors in Italy is a partner to John Cabot University in Rome, providing internships and shadowing opportunities to international students.
As part of our clinical activity, we are contracted within the headquarters of one of the United Nations agencies in Rome.
Most of our doctors are actively engaged in research and academic activities, and we partner with University Hospitals where students will spend part of their shadowing hours.

What patients say about us

  • review rating 5  I visited Dr Maria Luisa Gasparri at Doctors in Italy and she was very helpful during the visit and also after. She even helped set me up at a local hospital with an English speaking doctor to save money and was available by phone for all of my questions. She was lovely and I would recommend her to anyone.

    thumb Lisa Winterfeldt
  • review rating 5  I had a wonderful experience with Dr Watanabe after coming down with bronchitis and an asthma relapse while on a business trip in Rome. Dr Watanabe was extremely kind and patient, working with me to figure out a treatment plan. I was unsure about going to the doctor at all given that it was such a short trip, but I am happy I did!

    thumb Isabelle Shively
  • review rating 5  We found Doctors in Italy extremely helpful and responded straight away to each query we had. We were referred to an appropriate medical service and they followed up on how we went which we thought was outstanding. Thank you Doctors in Italy.

    thumb Kittyanna Verghese
  • review rating 5  Really pleasant experience 🙂 they were very corteous and attended to all my needs. I like how the doctor took her time to make a clear diagnosis. More than what i can say about our doctors back in my country, she was very very warm and polite. I forgot her name though but she really made a good impression 🙂

    thumb Enzo Gonzales
  • review rating 5  Amazing! On holiday in Rome and got very sick. Doctor came by on a Saturday, really fast reply (within minutes), doctor was there within hours, really helpful cause my phone didn't work and customer service helped me with getting payment back from my insurance after visit. Recommend!

    thumb Jessie-Lynn van Egmond
  • review rating 5  I recommend Doctors in Italy without hesitation. Everyone at the clinic goes above and beyond to provide excellent, professional and compassionate care at whatever level needed, even after clinic hours through their online options. As well, they helped me immensely with English translations and communications when Specialists needed to be consulted outside the clinic. A special and warm thanks to my physician Dr. Watanabe, simply a wonderful doctor and person.

    thumb Cindy-Wynne Kolding
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend Doctors in Italy!! I can’t stress this enough. I was just traveling in Rome when I came down with an infection. They saw me that day, gave me a prescription and followed up to make sure everything was okay. They are so kind and helpful! If you ever end up in a health situation, please do yourself a favor and go to Doctors in Italy. Seriously.

    thumb Elyse Jackson
  • review rating 5  Located in the heart of the historical center, doctors in Italy is a modern, clean, and friendly clinic. Doctors and Staff are extremely professional, reliable and respond to all queries immediately. They even have a Whatsapp service! Doctors and staff speak perfect English. They are punctual and provide a top-notch service. In the past month, i went for three consultations with three different doctors. I was surprised to receive a follow up call after a consultation, which shows that doctors are passionate about their jobs, and they really care about their patients. Happy to say that Doctors in Italy is my favourite clinic and i would definitely recommend it to all my friends in Rome! Kudos to Doctors in Italy

    thumb Rana Allam
  • review rating 5  Doctors in Italy just recently won a contract to provide private medical services to the staff of the United Nation's International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome. I have personally benefited from these guys - a group of very savvy, knowledgeable, caring doctors looking after their patients with dedication and love. They do so in Italian and in impeccable English. One of their 5-star surgeons - Dr. Massimo Pezzatini, Specialist in general, digestive, and laparoscopic surgery - put a team together recently and recused my life through a four-in-one surgical jamboree. I am alive today by God's Grace, Favors, and Healing Mercies to me through the Doctors in Italy. I unreservedly recommend anyone seeking a God-touched modern medical diagnosis and treatment to contact these guys. They are a 5-Star Medical Team - Doctors in Italy.

    thumb Jonathan Agwe
  • review rating 5  Excellent helpful service from the staff. From the first phone call to all correspondence with Doctors in Italy was incredibly easy and helpful. I highly recommend to anyone who is travelling and needs medical care, especially for English speakers. Very happy with the care I received. Thank you!

    thumb Melisa Harvey
  • review rating 5  I would absolutely recommend Doctors in Italy! My wife had severe issues with pain and swelling in her ankles and feet, she first went to a local emergency room and spent 2 hours waiting with nobody helping her. She then went to Doctors in Italy and they were very helpful and prescribed medicine for her immediately that helped her quickly recover. Thank you again for your excellent service!

    thumb Wally Young

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