Social Media Producer

Doctors in Italy Fellowship

April, 16th 2024

About the role

The Social Media Producer plays a crucial role in engaging and expanding our online community through compelling and shareable midform and shortform video pieces capturing the authentic moments and value of the Fellowship.


This content aims to give students around the globe the vibe of the unique experience our fellows get across different cities, hospitals, and animal sanctuaries in Italy, motivating them across a variety of platforms and formats.


The ideal candidate will handle the entire video production process, from pitch to the final product, ensuring that the stories told through video content are not only engaging but also align with the brand’s values, goals, and visual identity, reinforcing the brand’s message and connecting with the target audience across our digital platforms

Key responsibilities

  1. Development of Engaging Video Content:

    • Create highly compelling and shareable mid-form and short-form video content.
    • Utilize user-generated content (UGC), influencer collaborations, alumni contributions, and professional video shoots.
    • Inspire and engage millions of viewers across diverse platforms and formats, including TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn, ensuring each piece is tailored to the platform’s unique environment.
  2. Dynamic Content Management:

    • Craft and manage a continuous flow of diverse content, including posts, reels, and videos.
    • Tailor each piece to the specific nuances and audience expectations of different social platforms.
  3. High-Volume Video Production Leadership:

    • Lead and manage the production and delivery of a high volume of video content.
    • Balance direct production efforts with collaborations with freelancers, agencies, and content creators.
    • Ensure a sustainable workload and high-quality output.
  4. Creative Adaptation of Visuals:

    • Translate existing visuals and materials into on-brand, creative content optimized for web and social media platforms.
    • Enhance the message and visual impact of content.
  5. Visual Consistency and Enhancement:

    • Maintain consistency in visual style, tone, and messaging across all video content.
    • Integrate graphics, animation, and other dynamic elements to elevate the visual appeal and effectiveness of each piece.
  6. Innovation and Trend Exploration:

    • Explore new platforms, techniques, and content trends.
    • Continually build engagement and awareness for the Doctors in Italy Fellowship, staying ahead of social media dynamics.
  7. Collaborative Influencer Strategy Execution:

    • Collaborate with the influencer marketing manager to identify and brief influencers.
    • Focus on strategic markets including the US, Latin America, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
  8. Performance Monitoring and Data Analysis:

    • Monitor, analyze, and report on traffic and engagement patterns across social media platforms.
    • Inform strategic adjustments and leverage data-driven insights for enhanced content performance.
Our fellows shadowing at a historic hospital in Rome, Italy

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Social Media Mastery: Proven expertise in building and nurturing audiences on TikTok and Instagram, demonstrating a knack for viral growth and community engagement.

  • Storytelling Excellence: Exceptional ability in crafting narratives with a deep understanding of structure, pacing, and character development that captivates and engages viewers.

  • Creative Vision: Innate ability to see the potential in raw footage and turn it into captivating video pieces, utilizing thoughtful shot selection, precise timing, and synergistic visual and musical elements.

  • Gen Z Insight: Strong grasp of Gen Z preferences and digital behaviors, expertly tailoring content to resonate deeply and drive engagement on social media platforms.

  • Video Editing Expertise: Advanced technical skills in video editing, including mastery of tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, complemented by sound editing, color grading, and graphic design abilities.

  • Independent and Proactive Initiative: A self-starter with the capability to navigate and manage complex tasks independently, demonstrating initiative in seizing opportunities proactively.

Job Highlights

  • Full remote
  • Flexible hours
  • Work from anywhere
  • Multi-cultural team
  • €40.000-€60.000 per year + bonus

About us

🌎 Our team of 15 includes 12 different nationalities.


🫶 We are naturally committed to building a diverse, inclusive, accessible, work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and supported.


🫂 Our inclusive culture is essential to our mission and success.

The Doctors in Italy Fellowship

This transformative experience was designed to help create a generation of healthcare professionals who share the vision of a world where language and culture are not barriers in healthcare.


Fellows from across the globe come to Italy to shadow doctors and veterinarians in their daily activities.


They experience life-changing moments, build connections, gain confidence, and take a step toward global unity and collaboration.

Ready to apply?

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In the spotlight

Get to know the Doctors in Italy Fellowship Alumni

Gianni Martin Future Veterinarian From Alabama A&M Shadowed Veterinarians in Milan, Italy

Gianni Martin

Alabama A&M University

"I learned about different aspects of veterinary medicine including animal nutrition and behavior, clinical skills, and caretaking"

Nthabeleng MacDonald Future Doctor From Gallaudet University Shadowing Doctors in Rome, Italy

Nthabeleng MacDonald

Gallaudet University

"There are not many deaf doctors in the world right now, and I want to fill that gap"

Eliana Diaz-Aceituno future doctor from James Madison University shadowed doctors in Italy

Eliana Diaz-Aceituno

James Madison University

"In Italy, the doctor and patient have more of a personal relationship than here in the U.S."

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