student in healthcare shadowing doctors at Italian hospital

The purpose of shadowing doctors abroad by college students is not only to help them choose a career and gain admission to medical school. It’s much more than that.

Shadowing doctors abroad: Transforming Healthcare and Yourself Through Global Experiences

We intend the DoctorsinItaly Fellowship Programs as part of a wider cultural change process that includes a quite radical reimagination of the role of the healthcare professionals. 


We live in a world that is more connected than ever before.

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As international migration for living, working, and studying in other countries increases, and with the advent of telehealth, our world becomes more interconnected than ever before. 

Globalization has a significant impact on healthcare, and future healthcare leaders will need to develop skills and competencies to effectively assist patients from diverse cultures.


With this increasing connectedness comes the need to understand and appreciate the different cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds that exist all around us.


As future healthcare professionals, it is essential to understand that the role goes beyond just treating patients. There will also be interactions with people from different backgrounds and cultures, each with their own unique perspectives on health and wellness.

We need to go beyond traditional training.

Experiential learning, including shadowing a doctor, is here to prepare the new generation of leaders in healthcare to provide direct care in a borderless world, building bridges across different cultures and learning about other healthcare systems very soon in their academic careers.

Selfie: A group of healthcare students shadowing doctors abroad

By traveling and gaining exposure to these diverse cultures and healthcare systems, students will broaden their own perspective and develop a greater understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by patients from different backgrounds.

Traveling provides them with the opportunity to learn about and witness first-hand the healthcare systems of different countries.


By shadowing doctors abroad students will have the chance to see how other countries approach healthcare, including the provision of care, the use of technology, and the allocation of resources.


This experience can lead to a deeper appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of their own healthcare system, and students will be better equipped to identify areas for improvement.


Students can also gain a deeper appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of their own healthcare system, better equipping them to identify areas for improvement.


With their newly acquired knowledge and skills, they are ready to make a positive impact on the world of healthcare.


A doctor and a shadowing student at the hospital

Developing Empathy through Shadowing Doctors Abroad: The Benefits and Impact on Healthcare Education

When students are exposed to healthcare systems and patient populations that are different from their own, they may gain a greater understanding of the challenges and barriers that patients face in accessing healthcare. This can help students develop a deeper empathy for patients and their experiences, which can be an important skill for healthcare professionals.

Pre-health students shadowing doctors abroad

By immersing themselves in different cultures and learning from diverse patient populations, future healthcare professionals will become more well-rounded and empathetic practitioners. They will be better equipped to connect with patients from different backgrounds, understand their unique needs, and provide care that is more culturally appropriate. This will ultimately lead to better health outcomes for their patients and a more fulfilling career for themselves.

Empathy is an important skill for healthcare professionals, as it allows them to connect with patients and understand their experiences in a deeper and more meaningful way. Shadowing doctors in an international environment can be a valuable experience that helps students develop this important skill.

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