Ferrara Programs

Hospital Shadowing

The Ferrara program offers diverse shadowing opportunities in both surgical and medical fields at a teaching hospital. Arcispedale Sant’Anna in Ferrara is the largest and most significant hospital in the region, with a rich history spanning over 500 years. Affiliated with the University of Ferrara, it is renowned for its excellence in medicine, specifically, cardiology, earning a place in the 2023 Newsweek World’s Best Specialized Hospitals for Cardiology. The hospital’s dedicated team of cardiologists strives to provide exceptional care and innovate new treatment strategies.


Arcispedale Sant’Anna offers a wide range of medical services, including oncology, general surgery, ophthalmology, and more. Additionally, it provides a tranquil “Silence room” for reflection, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity and patient support. Participants in the program also have the opportunity to visit nearby Bologna, providing networking and exploration opportunities.

Top choice for:

  • Cardiology
  • OR and surgery
  • Ob/gyn
  • Pediatrics
  • Neonatology
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurosurgery
  • Oncology
  • Geriatrics


Discover Ferrara

Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, is renowned for its well-preserved Renaissance urban planning and architecture. The city’s historic center, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, played a pivotal role in the Italian Renaissance as a hub of humanism and the arts. Ruled by influential families like the Este, Ferrara boasts an array of cultural and artistic treasures, including the stunning Palazzo dei Diamanti, now housing the National Gallery of Art, the Este Castle, and the Cathedral. The city also offers a rich culinary scene, featuring local specialties like cappellacci di zucca. Annual events like the Palio di Ferrara and a vibrant nightlife add to its allure, and exploring the pedestrian-friendly historic center is a delightful experience. Ferrara’s rich history, architecture, and cuisine make it a must-visit destination in Northern Italy, offering something for every traveler.

Housing in Ferrara

The housing options in Ferrara are carefully chosen to offer comfort and security to program participants. Depending on availability, accommodations may include elegant apartments, hotel rooms, or other comfortable dwellings. Regardless of the choice, all accommodations are guaranteed to be clean, safe, and comfortable, enabling full immersion in the study abroad experience. Shared apartments with one or two double rooms are the most common choice, equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, and, in many cases, kitchen facilities, living rooms, desks, and washing machines. These apartments are conveniently located in central and safe areas of Ferrara, providing easy access to essential services and amenities. While the quality of housing may vary based on providers, stringent selection and close collaboration ensure a high standard of safety, cleanliness, and comfort for all participants.

Winter Programs Dates and Fees 23/24

1-week program

1,970 ≈ 2,150$
  • Term 1: Dec 10 – Dec 16

2-week program

2,850 ≈ 3,000$
  • Term 1: Dec 10 – Dec 23

Summer Programs Dates and Fees 2024

The listed Summer 2024 prices reflect the 'Early Bird Discount', which offers a 33% discount off the deposit fee. This offer expires on the 30th of November 2023, when the prices you see below will increase.

2-week program

2,890 ≈ 3,070$
  • Term 1: May 12 - May 24
  • Term 1: June 9 - June 21
  • Term 1: July 28 - August 9

3-week program

3,840 ≈ 4,080$
  • Term 1: July 14 - August 2

4-week program

5,340 ≈ 5,670$
  • Term 1: May 26 to June 21

5-week program

6,360 ≈ 6,750$
  • Term 1: June 23 - July 26

4-week program for credit

7,460 ≈ 7,900$
  • Term 1: May 26 - June 21

5-week program for credit

8,490 ≈ 9,000$
  • Term 1: June 23 - July 26

Included with the fees

Currently accepting candidates:

Pre-meds, Pre-PA, Pre-nursing, Health sciences, Allied Health, Pre-pharmacy, Pre-dental, Public Health, PA, Nursing students, Medical students, Gap-year, Post-bacc, Global Health, Biomedical engineering, Healthcare related paths


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