One Health Immersion: Bridging Human and Veterinary Medicine

Delve into the interconnected world of medicine, where the well-being of humans and non-human animals is intertwined. 


Cross-species shadowing in Italy

The One Health Fellowship combines shadowing healthcare professionals in human healthcareveterinary medicine, and conservation.

In the first week, you will put on the white coat and step into Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy. Follow doctors throughout their day, see surgeries up close, and understand how healthcare is provided in Europe.

In the second week, the program shifts focus to animal care. You will experience life at two animal rescues, shadowing veterinarians and caregivers. You will learn how to care for a variety of animals, large and small, witnessing both the challenges and the joys of contributing to their wellbeing.

Through clinical shadowing in both hospitals and veterinary settings, you will get a deeper understanding of the One Health concept.


One World, One Health

Ever heard of the "Overview Effect"? It refers to a change in how astronauts think and feel when they see Earth from space.

Astronauts report experiencing a profound understanding of the interconnectedness and fragility of our planet, leading to a deep, emotional sense of unity and concern for our planet and all its inhabitants. 

"One Health" is about working together across disciplines and borders, from local communities to the global stage, to ensure the well-being of humans, domestic and wild animals, plants, and the entire environment as they are naturally interconnected.

Yet One Health is not just a concept; it's a movement. By removing the barriers between human and veterinary medicine, we can address global health issues more effectively and sustainably, building a better future for all.


Meet parrots, horses, bulls, and 200+ others living in the animal rescues

At the animal rescues, you’ll get inside knowledge on the lives of animals, spending time with a wide variety of species, each with their own needs and personality.

You’ll learn what it takes for them to live a happy and healthy life, how they interact with each other and with their human carers, what types of diseases they need to be checked for, and how a vet can take care of them.

Clinical Shadowing for undergraduate students: shadowing doctors in surgery


Experience daily life in a hospital and broaden your horizons

Learn about healthcare from the inside of a hospital. Observe closely the work of doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals at some of the best hospitals in Italy. Learn about the European healthcare model, the pros and cons of universal health care, and how local culture and lifestyle influence the practice of medicine.


Collaborate across professions and expand your network

This immersive real-world experience breaks down the usual barriers between professions, preparing you for a future that will require regular collaboration across different professions.

You'll learn to overcome the conventional divisions among human health professionals, veterinarians, and others in related fields.

Doctors and veterinarians have a lot to learn from each other. Working together, we can accomplish a lot more.

Is the program right for me?

The One Health Fellowship welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, such as:

  • Students in Human Healthcare Fields: Ideal for those aiming for careers in human healthcare, such as nursing, medicine, physical therapy, allied health, and more.
  • Animal Health Students: Designed for students focused on veterinary medicine, zoology, animal science, wildlife sciences, animal studies, and other related fields.
  • Public Health and Global Health Students: For those dedicated to public and global health, exploring the intersection of human and animal health with environmental and conservation sciences for comprehensive public health strategies.
  • Environment & Conservation Focused Students: Suited for individuals in environmental science, epidemiology, conservation, ecology, and related fields, for a direct experience of human and veterinarian healthcare.
  • Students Interested in One Health: Open to students from a wide range of disciplines, including Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, STEM disciplines, Health Sciences, Public Administration & Government, Sustainable Development, as well as Gap-year, Post-bacc students, and anyone who wants to learn more about One Health.

    You need to be 18 or older to participate. Due to the program's exclusive nature and limited spots, we urge interested candidates to apply promptly. The Summer 2024 cohorts are filling up quickly, so secure your place soon to join this transformative experience.

Program structure

Engage in a dynamic 2-week program in Florence blending real-life medical and veterinary experiences, for a total of more than 40 hours of learning and service. 

Daily Shadowing: Spend 5 hours each day immersed in real-world practices, side by side with experienced professionals and like-minded peers.

 ► Week 1, Human Medicine: Get up close with doctors and surgeons at one of the best hospitals in Italy. Rotate through various departments uncovering the intricacies of human health care.

 ► Week 2, Veterinary Medicine: Shadow dedicated animal caregivers and vets. Explore sanctuaries, rescue centers, and conservation clinics, connecting with creatures great and small.

Dive into Florence: Afternoons bring variety: continue your professional shadowing or embark on cultural explorations. Discover Florence’s rich heritage or unwind, soaking in the city’s beauty.

Extra Excursions: Friday's day trip lets you explore another city’s charms, with weekends free for more adventures—on your own or with your new friends.

All-Inclusive Experience: Enjoy hassle-free travel with airport pickup, central accommodation, easy city navigation through included transport, and peace of mind with medical insurance, supported 24/7 by the on-site team.


Featured Programs

Check out some of the programs that may fit your academic and career goals. Where do you see yourself thriving?

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One Health, Florence

2 weeks

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Medicine, Rome

2 to 5 weeks

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Vet Medicine, Milan

2 weeks


In the spotlight

Fellowship Alumni sharing their experiences

Gianni Martin Future Veterinarian From Alabama A&M Shadowed Veterinarians in Milan, Italy

Gianni Martin

Future Vet, Milan

Julia Ognibene

Julia Ognibene

Future Doctor, Bologna

Alexander Pavlov

Alexander Pavlov

Future Vet, Florence


Discover the beauty of Italy

Our expert local coordinators will guide you through an immersive experience in Italy. The One Health Program in Summer ’24 will be held in beautiful Florence.

Make friends, discover your city and its stunning surroundings, enjoy Italian food, and travel to dream-come-true destinations during the weekend.

This international experience will develop your cultural competence. it will open your mind to different cultures, and help you thrive in a world that is ever more connected. 

It’s a chance for you to challenge yourself and your limits and grow to be a better communicator and a leader in your field.

Financial Support and Scholarships

International education comes at a cost. Discover how our scholarships can help you afford this life-changing experience.

Who we are

Our mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of health professionals by providing an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries between human and veterinary medicine.

We believe there is only one health. We have a background in human medicine and a passion for animal welfare.

We offer ethical and responsible shadowing programs to undergraduate and graduate students who share our commitment to a healthier planet, and respect for all living beings.

We want to make health professionals of the future used to international settings, aware of differences, and equipped with a worldwide network of contacts that will be so precious in a post-pandemic world.

We abide by the Standards of Good Practice set out by the Forum on Education Abroad ─ the US Standards Development Organization for the field.