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Become a Reporter

Capture and share the authentic experiences of life as a Doctors in Italy Fellow. Become a Fellowship Reporter and be at the forefront of sharing real-life stories from your Fellowship journey.

Inspire, Learn, and Earn

As a Fellowship Reporter, you’ll add an extra layer of learning and value to your experience.


Collaborate with our professional content team by documenting your journey through photos and videos. Make lasting memories of your progress, the challenges you’ve faced, and the happy moments throughout the experience.


Sharing your story can spark someone’s courage to pursue their dreams and experience the world beyond their comfort zone, showing them they can achieve their goals and aren’t alone.

Plus, you’ll be compensated for sharing your experiences!

Your medium, your choice

What kind of reporter do you see yourself as? You can pick one or more!


👉 Your pictures are not only beautifully shot. They tell a story. They capture the essence of a moment and are capable of evoking emotions.

👉 Your phone's always running out of space because you're constantly snapping.


👉 You are a pro at capturing the essence of your experiences through engaging videos – whether it's capturing an action-filled 3-second clip of your time in the OR or talking to the camera like it's your bestie.

👉 Being both behind and in front of the camera comes easy to you and you have good instincts for video content.


👉 You consume video content daily – from tiny mic interviews to hopping on the latest trending sounds and formats.

👉 You have your finger on the pulse of what's in, cringe, or on the rise, and are not afraid to put yourself out there.

How to become a Reporter

Submit Your Application

Fill out our online application form with your details and why you want to be a Fellowship Reporter.

Showcase Your Skills

Include examples of your previous work, whether it's photography, video content, or written stories. This helps us understand your style and capabilities.

Get The Offer

If selected, you'll receive a formal offer with details on what's expected and your compensation. Very few spots are available, and applications are rolling, so apply as soon as you can.


Our Social Media Producer will mentor you and work with you on this project. You'll be able to share your vision and ideas for capturing your fellowship experience.

Summer 2024

Apply here for the Summer 2024 Fellowship Reporter Program

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