CRM Manager

Doctors in Italy Fellowship

April, 16th 2024

About the role

The CRM Manager plays a key role in leveraging our HubSpot-based CRM tools to manage our relations with fellows, partners, and our broader community throughout the lifecycle.


The ideal candidate will take over the company CRM, set up dashboards to monitor key drivers of success, increase the impact and effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns, own and lead the outreach campaigns, nurturing flows, re-engagement campaigns, drip campaigns, and other key engagement moments.


The position calls for a high degree of independence and self-management in executing duties and allocating time and resources between conflicting priorities.


Key responsibilities

  1. CRM Management:

    • Directly manage and continuously optimize the use of HubSpot CRM across teams, including maintaining up-to-date and accurate data through regular clean-up and data hygiene processes.
  2. Data Analysis and Dashboard Management:

    • Design, create, and maintain comprehensive dashboards to track marketing campaigns and sales activities, ensuring data accuracy and reliability for strategic decisions.
  3. Segmentation and Campaign Strategy:

    • Strategically develop and personally implement precise contact segmentation to tailor marketing efforts and enhance response rates across various channels.
    • Design and execute targeted outreach campaigns, utilizing segmentation and targeting strategies to maximize campaign effectiveness and customer engagement.
  4. Collaboration and Alignment:

    • Collaborate with Marketing and Sales teams to develop CRM strategies that align with business goals, personally overseeing the integration and execution to optimize overall performance.
  5. Nurturing and Conversion Campaigns:

    • Independently create and execute effective nurturing campaigns to improve lead conversion and customer retention.
    • Develop and implement conversion flows specifically for Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), taking full ownership of the process from design to execution.
  6. Workflow Automation and Testing:

    • Set up, monitor, and refine workflow automation and drip campaign strategies, actively managing all aspects to ensure optimal performance.
    • Conduct A/B testing across different campaign elements to drive data-driven improvements, personally handling both strategy formulation and operational testing.
  7. Email Campaign and Deliverability Management:

    • Oversee and enhance email marketing strategies, including deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates, taking charge of both strategy development and practical implementation.
  8. Referral and Re-targeting Campaigns:

    • Manage and execute referral and re-targeting campaigns, ensuring strategic alignment with overall marketing efforts and hands-on execution for effectiveness.
Our fellows shadowing at a historic hospital in Rome, Italy

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Advanced Technical Proficiency in HubSpot CRM and Marketing Analytics: Demonstrated expertise in HubSpot CRM, database management, and utilization of advanced marketing analytics tools to drive strategic decisions and operational efficiency.

  • Robust Analytical Skills: Exceptional ability to analyze complex datasets, interpret data accurately, and generate actionable insights that inform marketing strategies and optimize business operations.

  • Comprehensive Experience Across HubSpot Platforms: In-depth knowledge of HubSpot Admin, Sales, and Marketing Hubs, with proven capability to leverage these tools effectively in streamlining marketing efforts and enhancing customer engagement.

  • Expertise in Workflow Automation: Advanced experience in designing and implementing workflow automation, including the ability to optimize and troubleshoot automated systems to ensure seamless marketing operations.

  • Extensive CRM Management and Marketing Automation Experience: Solid track record in CRM management and marketing automation, with a focus on utilizing customer analytics to enhance CRM strategies and maximize campaign effectiveness.

  • Meticulous and Detail-Oriented Approach: Highly meticulous with an uncompromising focus on quality, striving for impeccable execution in all tasks, from data management to campaign deployment.

  • Independent and Proactive Initiative: A self-starter with the capability to navigate and manage complex tasks independently, demonstrating initiative in identifying and resolving issues proactively.

Job Highlights

  • Full remote
  • Flexible hours
  • Work from anywhere
  • Multi-cultural team
  • €30.000-€50.000 per year + bonus

About us

🌎 Our team of 15 includes 12 different nationalities.


🫶 We are naturally committed to building a diverse, inclusive, accessible, work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and supported.


🫂 Our inclusive culture is essential to our mission and success.

The Doctors in Italy Fellowship

This transformative experience was designed to help create a generation of healthcare professionals who share the vision of a world where language and culture are not barriers in healthcare.


Fellows from across the globe come to Italy to shadow doctors and veterinarians in their daily activities.


They experience life-changing moments, build connections, gain confidence, and take a step toward global unity and collaboration.

Ready to apply?

Send your resume and we’ll get back to you if there’s a match!


In the spotlight

Get to know the Doctors in Italy Fellowship Alumni

Gianni Martin Future Veterinarian From Alabama A&M Shadowed Veterinarians in Milan, Italy

Gianni Martin

Alabama A&M University

"I learned about different aspects of veterinary medicine including animal nutrition and behavior, clinical skills, and caretaking"

Nthabeleng MacDonald Future Doctor From Gallaudet University Shadowing Doctors in Rome, Italy

Nthabeleng MacDonald

Gallaudet University

"There are not many deaf doctors in the world right now, and I want to fill that gap"

Eliana Diaz-Aceituno future doctor from James Madison University shadowed doctors in Italy

Eliana Diaz-Aceituno

James Madison University

"In Italy, the doctor and patient have more of a personal relationship than here in the U.S."

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