The Doctors in Italy Fellowship

Developing future healthcare leaders

At DoctorsinItaly, we believe that the future of healthcare demands a more globally-minded approach to patient care and we’re here to help you get there.

As the world becomes more connected, healthcare professionals must be prepared to serve a diverse patient population with a wide range of cultural backgrounds and experiences.


Our Fellowship is designed to equip future healthcare leaders like you with the skills and practical experience needed to thrive in this dynamic and diverse healthcare landscape.


By traveling and gaining exposure to different cultures and healthcare systems, you’ll develop a greater understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by patients from different backgrounds, and you’ll be better prepared to provide culturally responsive care.

By doing so, you will become a better healthcare professional and make a greater impact in the lives of those you will serve.

“Being a student in healthcare is a lifelong journey of discovery, one that is both challenging and rewarding, and full of fascinating insights and breakthroughs.”

Sherwin B. Nuland

Who we are

The Doctors in Italy Fellowship Program was established in 2018, with the purpose of providing a unique growth opportunity to students from all over the world who are on a path to become members of a global community of medical professionals.

Its educational mission is to foster a culture of inclusion and prepare students for the future of healthcare in a borderless world.

Doctor Today, the creator of the program, is a private Italian company registered in Rome, Italy, accelerated by Bocconi University — a top European business school. 

The Doctors in Italy Fellowship partners with highly ranked healthcare institutions, recognized on Newsweek’s 2023 World’s Best Hospital list, and some of the best-known and most respected veterinary clinics and animal rescues throughout Italy.

Clinical Programs


Shadowing Doctors: A Prescription for Increased Career Clarity

The decision to pursue a career in healthcare is weighty and complex and it’s hard to dream of something if you haven’t been exposed to it.

Shadowing a doctor can be especially beneficial for students interested in pursuing careers that provide direct care, such as nursing or medicine. 

Natalee Kunse, Trine University

We were not allowed to touch patients, but we were still expected to follow the sterile field and dress code. This included our lab coat and closed-toed shoes. We were always encouraged to take notes and ask questions. With older patients the conversations were usually in Italian, but younger generations were able to speak English very well.

By observing the work of medical professionals, students can gain a deeper understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of these roles.


This real-world experience can help students assess whether a career in direct care is a good fit for their skills and interests.


Additionally, shadowing allows students to build relationships with medical professionals in their field of interest, providing opportunities for mentorship and networking that can help them launch their careers.


For college advisors

Shadowing a doctor can be an effective way to address student disengagement, a problem highlighted in the "State of the student 2022" report published by Wiley.


An innovative and exciting opportunity for aspiring healthcare professionals

By allowing students to observe and learn from both human and animal healthcare professionals, as well as public health experts, this fellowship provides a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of human and animal health


Veterinary Programs

Julia Klinkman, University of Michigan

Through the program, I discovered that there is such a large array of fields to go. I thought the vet as someone who works in a clinic but that is just a tiny part of what they can do. They have so many subjects and areas they can go into, they can do research and even humanitarian aid. Stepping out of your comfort zone is extremely vital during the program. The whole program is one big stepping out of your comfort zone. If you keep your mind open, I promise you that it will be extremely helpful in the future.


The Doctors in Italy Pre-Vet Fellowship Program is an incredible opportunity for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine.

The program offers a unique immersive experience that combines shadowing veterinary professionals specialized in different disciplines, exposure to a variety of species, and visits to science museums and exhibitions.

The two-week program will provide approximately 40 hours of hands-on clinical and non-clinical activities, which can be considered as a working experience in the application for veterinary schools.


Shadow Abroad and Make Your Credits Count

We have partnered with Arcadia University, a well-known academic institution in the USA, to create an enriching teaching experience that combines the shadowing and a seminar course. The 4 and 5 week programs for credit offer you a chance to complete the internship-type course with Arcadia University and obtain 3 credits.

Gain insight into your individual, unique psychometric profile and intercultural competence – a valuable outcome for navigating your professional progress, networks, and personal growth in the future.



Featured Programs

Check out other programs that may fit your academic and career goals. Where do you see yourself thriving?

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Rome, Italy

Human Health Program

2 to 5 weeks

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Florence, Italy

Human Health Program

2 to 5 weeks

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Milan, Italy

Veterinary Health Program

2 weeks

Financial support and scholarships

International education comes at a cost. Discover how our scholarships can help you afford this life-changing experience.


In the spotlight

Get to know the Doctors in Italy Fellowship Alumni

Anika Rao

Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

"Italy. Animals. Sounds like my kind of thing"

Nthabeleng MacDonald Future Doctor From Gallaudet University Shadowing Doctors in Rome, Italy

Nthabeleng MacDonald

Gallaudet University

"There are not many deaf doctors in the world right now, and I want to fill that gap"

Kailey McGovern Future Physician Assistant From Eastern University Shadowing Doctors in Rome, Italy

Kailey McGovern

Eastern University

"The diversity of the students enhanced the program and allowed for an intense cultural experience."